How to Stay Mentally Sharp!

How to Stay Mentally Sharp!

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Your brain can start to lose its edge at any age. Forgetfulness, lack of focus, and other mental health problems aren’t always just another sign you are getting older. If you want to stay sharp, improve your thinking skills, and remember more, here are some tips to help give you that edge.

You are what you eat.

Much of our mental state can be boiled down to the foods you eat. Eating lots of sugars may make you feel like you’ve received a boost to your mental state, but over time they can make your memory and focus worse. Eat healthy foods that support your brain function, instead. Foods like salmon can give you a boost with omega 3 fatty acids, but eating a more general whole foods diet will benefit you as well. Most whole foods contain anti-oxidants and vitamins that your brain needs in order to keep itself in the best possible health.

Stay active

A recent study at Harvard University found that light aerobic exercise, such as walking, could slow the onset of mental decline. As little as 15 minutes a day could be enough to keep your brain healthy and sharp. Scientists think that walking helps by increasing the blood flow to the brain, helping to reverse cellular degeneration of the brain.

Experience New Things

Your brain needs to see and experience new things in order to develop new neural pathways. That means doing things you have never been done before. That could mean learning a new language, or how to play an instrument. As long as it is new to you, it will work to help keep your brain working as well as possible.

Visiting new places and seeing new things can also work to support your brain. If you’re not the kind that enjoys cracking open a good book, try going for a hike in a new area to help freshen your brain and help improve its performance.

Memorize new facts

Even if you’re just reviewing the times tables, committing facts to memory will help your brain be able to recall information faster and remember for longer. Memorization exercises are a great way to keep your brain healthy and your mental health sharp for years to come.

Practice your eye-hand coordination

Playing catch with the kids can also help boost your brain power. Your brain gets a workout doing things like measuring the speed and distance a baseball is coming at you with, and being able to catch it out of midair. You can give yourself a mental workout every time simply by playing catch, or any other game that requires hand-eye coordination.

Staying mentally sharp isn’t difficult. It just requires a little know how and the will to practice a bit each day. Whether you are taking a walk on your lunch break, or choosing to eat some anti-oxidant filled vegetables instead of a burger, the choices you make every day will decide how sharp your brain stays at any given time.

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